Aluminium Radiators

Ozeren aluminium has an soft and elegant concept; aesthetic viewty in all kind of places; the water transcrips are 2mm fat. The special aluminum welded style associated water carrier definitely never seep and to hydrostatics compression stabilized,for 10 bar actuation compression 13 bar test compression put in forced. 26 ATU's actuation compression stabilized from ITU(Istanbul Technics university). With little water high heater and economic. New Classic radiator has 30mm tick and from other radiators different , tight and high warming heater.New Classic radiator has lasted technology and stabilized and painted for all kind of weather condition. The Standard colour is white but as you wish it is possible to paint it in other colours as well.

Packaging : With Special packaging technics New Classic radiator, with edge carton papers packaging for bump stabilized.Shrink packaging safe from wet and wetness.All the things you need for montage you find in the box.

Guaranty : High quality and costumers pleasure principle ; to manufacturing defect and to seep 10 years guaranteed.