Ozeren Aluminium

Ozeren aluminium , has been started about profile manufacturing in 1981. They started with building different sectors in Turkey. Ozeren aluminium presented Solar-Energy in Turkey. Nowadays they seriously invest in heating and cooling sectors, in national platform. Till 2000 they were the first time with manufacturing aluminium radiators with the 'Al' label. With first 26 ATU's compression aluminium radiators and units is this company registered in "Istanbul Technics university" datas in Turkey. It is an 5000M2 Closed , 1000 M2 Open space integrated institution. Every day they make more progress, and the investment gets also higher every day. A professional team tried for already more than 27 years to bring the customer quality aesthetic producs. AR-GE, Works, experience and pleasure the customer, are their specialities. In all around Turkey and the world they have offices, one for example in Hatay.

Our mission is using our resources full for humans quality and
economic prices presenting, All our products are for being environmentalist
and prestige.

Ozeren Aluminium works for success and for getting a high performance.
We want to work for a bigger market and we want to share the plans for being a global brand.